A recently aired episode of Jeopardy! saw a Rob Zombie film related question, and the director/musician himself was watching the game show when it happened.

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The $600 question's answer was of course "corpses," referring to Zombie‘s 2003 feature-film directorial debut, House Of 1000 Corpses.

The show apparently had a horror fan in the house, as Jeopardy! contestent Carolyn didn't so much as blink as she correctly answered the question right away.

Zombie himself shared the moment to his socials with the caption: "Watching Jeopardy and this happened. Ok this is fucking weird."

Watch the clip below:

Zombie recently announced an upcoming film project, the long-awaited The Devil's Rejects sequel titled 3 From Hell. Actor Danny Trejo will return to Zombie's horror universe for the next part of the Firefly family's bloody saga.

Were you watching Jeopardy when Zombie's question was aired? Let us know in the comments!

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