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Robert Pattinson returns to ‘Twilight’ roots for a new vampire role—kind of

While we may have thought that Robert Pattinson’s vampire days were long past, Haim just took to Late Night With Seth Meyers to prove that assumption dead wrong.

The Grammy-nominated band appeared on the show Thursday to promote their third studio album, Women In Music Pt. III. Costumed as vampire brides, they went on to perform “3 AM” with a special cameo by the famed Twilight actor.

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Pattinson made his appearance via a recorded video call, during which he performed the spoken intro to the song. A far cry from what we would have expected from Edward Cullen, he didn’t show up sparkling or fanged. Rather, he took the form of a thirsty ex aptly calling under the phone contact “Emotional Vampire.”

Haim talked to Seth Meyers about how they’d chosen Pattinson, stating that they’d wanted someone British who had “game.” As it turns out, they’d first asked Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch to play the part with no response.

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Those silent denials would prove a blessing in the end, though. Really, who’s better to play an emotional vampire than the blood-sucking angst king himself?

“Congratulations to Robert Pattinson, really,” bassist Este joked while talking about his casting. “He’s the best. We love him. He really did us a solid by doing that.”

We can’t imagine that Pattinson’s time is easy to come by. He’s currently filming as the title star for The Batman, which resumed filming last month after his reported bout with coronavirus

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Of course, Pattinson’s appearance with Haim came as a pleasant surprise for fans, who took to Twitter to voice their approval.

What do you think of Robert Pattinson’s brief reprise as an emotional vampire? Sound off in the comments.