In light of our 30-year anniversary, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame will be honoring AP with an exhibit that tells the story of how Mike Shea started all of this.

Never Give Up: Alternative Press Magazine At 30 will feature AP relics, various land markers taken from throughout our history and, ultimately, convey the impact AltPress has had on our beautiful, ever-evolving scene.

In our most recent issue, Mike wrote on a lengthy publisher's note in which he touches on AP's evolution:

We had zero idea of where this was all going to go, but we quickly realized that the kids in the area scenes wanted to support us, write for us, shoot photos or draw cartoons. We had no bsuiness experience, my bedroom was out “office” and the first “staff meetings” were held in the back of the Arabica coffee shop on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights (now the location of the Grog Shop rock club). Thirty years later, hundred of AP staffers and freelance writers and photographers (current and former) worked long hours and dedicated chunks of their lives to bring us where we are today. There is absolutely no way we would still be in existence without all of those amazingly talented people. Or without you, the reader.

Never Give Up: Alternative Press Magazine At 30 will open to the public July 21, the eve of our second annual APMAs.