Whether you've spent time shredding air guitar to "Thank You For The Venom" in front of your bathroom mirror or romanticized the nitty-gritty lifestyle of being on tour, we've all had the urge to pack our bags, get in the van and be a member of our favorite band. Fortunately for us, there's a wealth of excellent rock documentaries that take us backstage and allow us to experience all of the struggles and shenanigans that our favorite bands endure in the midst of making and performing the music that we love. 

Here are 10 essential documentaries that show the life between tour stops and album cycles. From Rancid's Lars Frederiksen's candid musings on striking a balance between staying punk and being a dad to Revenge-era My Chemical Romance visiting the offices of Alternative Press and chatting with our Editor-In-Chief, Jason Pettigrew, these classic documentaries allow us to vicariously hit the road and relive our favorite moments in rock history–without having to leave our couch or tune up a guitar.

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