California natives Strung Out received a great deal of praise for their hard-hitting album Transmission.Alpha.Delta, but are now venturing into the more melodic side of their sound with their previously unreleased track, “Crows.”

The track was originally slated to appear on the band's eighth studio album, which dropped in 2015 via Fat Wreck Chords, but it didn't fit the heavier feel of the album. Instead, "Crows" appeared on Fat Wreck Chord's Riot Fest Chicago 2016 Flexi Pack, which was printed in limited quantities and available only at Riot Fest. Now, Strung Out have decided to release the song on a larger scale, and you can hear it here first.  

Make sure you check out "Crows" and read what the band had to say about it below:

"Crows” was left off the album because it was more melodic and didn’t fit the heavier, more aggressive feel. Can you expand on that a little bit? 

This was one of the first songs we wrote/demoed early on for Transmission.Alpha.Delta. Once it was finally recorded in the studio, we loved it but felt maybe it had a different vibe and flow than the other songs on Transmission.Alpha.Delta.  It was a tough call, but we decided to keep it off the record and figured we’d save it for something cool, like the next FAT comp.

When was it written in relation to the songs on the album?  

The music had been floating around for some time but it didn't really take shape until we started pre production with Kyle Black. We wrote 18 songs for T.A.D. but only decided to focus on 13, then we decided to keep it to 12 and save “Crows" for a future release. 

When was it decided it would be cut, and what were your initial feelings? 

It’s always hard to pick which songs will not go on the album. We felt it was best to save it for something else, like a comp, or a future EP or something. It seemed to streamline the album by removing it from the sequence. If anything, we thought it could be a cool closing song for the album, but we’re glad we went with "West Coast" as the closer.

Anything else you want to say about the track?

We think it came out really well and we're all glad we got to spend a little extra time on it after Transmission.Alpha.Delta came out. The melody came out great, there is an awesome shredding guitar solo and we think it's a great tune. Hopefully everyone that listens to it will think the same as well!

Why release it now?

Well, FAT released it on their flexi-discs, which they sell exclusively at festivals, and it felt like a good fit for that. We decided to release the recording so everyone who didn’t attend could hear it. We’re just really glad to get it out and that people seem to like it! It will be fun to start working it in the set and see how it goes live! 

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