A new app called Rockifi is changing the way rock fans attend concerts and interact with their music communities. Whatever your goal—friendship, love, research, promoting—Rockifi is here to help you reach it. It’s an app that wants to bring metal, rock and hardcore fans closer together, and here are 10 reasons why you should get on board:

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1. You’ll never have to go to a concert alone again.


You are beyond pumped that your favorite band is coming to your city for their 10th anniversary tour, but none of your friends are nearly as excited as you are. Now you’ve got a problem: There’s no way you’re going to miss this show, but going alone sounds like a huge drag. Thanks to Rockifi, you won’t have to deal with this dilemma ever again. You can easily find someone in your area who is going to the same show, chat it up and if you like them, hang all night long.

2. You might meet your future BFF or love interest.


Even if you don’t have a show to go to, you can still use Rockifi to connect with people who have similar interests and tastes in music. If you’re a big Every Time I Die fan, all you have to do is search the band name in the app, and you will instantly be shown the profiles of other users who are also fans of ETID. Explore their profiles and if you like what you read, send them a message.

3. The app is totally free.


Rockifi offers many more features and a much more tailored experience than Tinder, yet it still comes at the wonderful price of zero dollars and zero cents. You can start making new friends and finding new music to listen to in seconds, and it won’t cost you a dime.

4. Rockifi is like the Kayak.com of the ticket world.


There are plenty of websites that compare travel and hotel expenses, but Rockifi uniquely compares the prices of tickets for the rock, hardcore and metal shows you want to see. This app will help you find the best deal online in one centralized space so that you won’t have to search for hours.

5. You can talk music with anyone, anywhere, any time.


Rockifi launched in the U.K., but you can still use the app successfully even if you’re not from there. This makes it all the more exciting because you can potentially make friends from all over your country, or even all over the world. You can also use the RockChat feature to search and participate in music-related discussions. Not only can you make one-on-one connections with people, but you can chat within a forum, kind of like Reddit.