Christian author Roderick Millington claims he has recorded the "first-ever" audio of the voice of Satan.

Millington shared the apparent audio on his website while, of course, promoting his new book The Devil's Playground.

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According to his website, Millington is a journalist with an "open-minded" and "investigative" attitude. He reveals that prior to his apparent encounter with Satan, he was a cynic.

"I am a journalist and have approached this whole subject with an open-minded, investigative attitude," he says. "And I will own up straight away to the fact that until recently I was one of the cynics who laughed at those who believe in the Devil. Then I heard his voice and everything changed."

The EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) he gathered over the years are the inspiration for his new book The Devil's Playground. He claims that he has over 21 EVP recordings of demons, all of which he talks about in the book.

"I don't know how long it took me but, as I sat at my desk trying to take in the fact that I may have been directly spoken to by Satan, after a time my breath came back, my mind grew more lucid, and I knew what I had to do," he says. "This book is the result."

As a special treat for everyone, he released one of the EVPs that apparently captures the voice of Satan. In the audio clip, Millington says you can hear Satan say, "come into the fire, come to me."

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Millington has slowed down the audio clip to three different speeds for listeners. However, spoiler alert, the audio is pretty disappointing.

To hear the EVP clip, head here and scroll down to the player that says "come into the fire, come to me."

For those disappointed with the EVP recording, you can watch Brendon Urie dressed up as Satan in Panic! At The Disco's "Emperor's New Clothes" below.

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