Ronnie Radke denounces Christianity, religion: "Belief is a thought not an action"

Never one to be silenced, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke denounced Christianity and religion throughout a series of tweets that were sent out from his personal account early this morning. “Christians before the 90's shunned gays cause the bible says its wrong to be gay,” he began. “This day and age Christians accept gays. Religion sucks. Knowledge is power. I refuse to Believe in a god that sends you to hell on your sexual preferences. Fuck religion.” 

He later added, “Who worships a God who sends people to burn for eternity in hell because they don't believe? Belief is a thought not an action. Think about it.”

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God (or at least the concept of a higher power) is referenced semi-frequently throughout Falling In Reverse’s material. One of the most poignant examples is during the song “God, If You Are Above…” “God, if you are above… I fear / That one day the whole world will disappear / And if it does, will I have lived my life the way that I could? / The way that I should?” Ronnie bellows in the track’s chorus.

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