Rotten Tomatoes are making steps to change the male-dominated world of film criticism, and in order to do that, they will be adding more diverse voices into the mix.

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As reported by Variety, the people who rank films on its Tomatometer as "fresh" or "rotten" will be going through a change.

Per the report, new voices will be heard in one of two ways. The first will see the company adding new media platforms, like streaming shows or podcasts, to the mix.

In addition to the new platforms, the site will also be adding writers who have previous work with on blogs or places similar.

In addition to switching up the types of people or outlets that can post, there will also be 200 people added as a critic to help diversify the company's current lineup of critics.

The change in the reviewer lineup comes after months of reaching out to critics to get ideas on how to expand their list of reviewers.

Per a release from Rotten Tomatoes, they found that journalism has undergone massive changes from its traditional print days.

In a press release from the company, they've found that journalism has undergone massive changes from its traditional print days. Finding that there are now people who are on other platforms, they are embracing how the new media works in order to gain a better diversity in their critics.

"In revamping our critics criteria, we sought to bring the criteria into better alignment with the way media works today, to promote the inclusion of more voices that reflect the varied groups of people who consume entertainment and to maintain the high standards we've always set for inclusion in the group of Tomatometer-approved critics," said the company.

There's also a change in the criteria for a reviewer. Per the release, reviewers must have four key values: "Insight, Audience, Quality, and Dedication."

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