(Photo: Christy Parry)

ROYAL THUNDER's new album CVI is in stores today via Relapse. Check out a stream of it, as well as commentary from vocalist Miny Parsonz.

“Parsonz Curse”

I think the bluesy sound of this song is where people hear that “southern rock” thing that we have been said to have. I can definitely see why people say that. I wrote this song in defiance of a family curse; it’s almost a revocation, per se. I’m also singing to my mother on some parts, consoling her through her dealings with it. She is closest to it. I have no intention of ever giving details on this “curse.”  

“Whispering World”

In this song, I’m reaching out to someone with no desire for connection and finding no response. I just find a low fucking human being who doesn’t care anymore—a master manipulator and control freak.


“Shake and Shift”

On the self-titled EP, I wrote a song called “Deacon” for a close friend of mine. This song goes more into what it was like to be in that person’s head. I had a dream one night, and only that person could ever understand what it was that was happening to me in my dreams. (I am a very vivid dreamer. Dreams speak to me. Is that cheesy? I don’t give a shit.) Anyway, this song was also written with her in mind. She passed away during the recording of CVI and I can only hope that she hears it in some way, somehow. She would have loved it. I feel like it would have been her song. Also, this was the first song that I had to sing after finding out that the drummer on this record had quit. Luckily, Lee Smith (drums) and Josh Coleman (guitar) jumped right in and made the whole transition smooth as hell. You can find them on the last track of CVI.


“No Good”

The song is an anthem for anyone who has to deal with sleazeball, two-faced, tailcoat-riding, fuck-ass, lying, poser bitches that carry knives. You know who you are.



This song is for a person who was a huge part of my life in a really good way, and then in a really bad way. For all the love and connection I experienced with this person, I felt just as much pain. I have never had to sacrifice a friendship until this person came along. I had to do what I absolutely did not want to do, and it broke me. But it eventually made me stronger and I realized the hardest decisions in life cost you your wants and desires. In the end, you will be a stronger, better person for doing the right thing.


“Sleeping Witch”

This song is also on the EP and slowed down in tempo on the album. We didn’t do that on purpose; it was a natural evolution. This is the only song we re-recorded that is on both the EP and the album. I am singing to a sleeping witch. Whether that is a metaphor or literal is something I don’t want to reveal.


“South Of Somewhere”

This is a metaphorical song about removing myself from a spiritual path I was taking and burying it, then realizing there is more to life and to never stop asking questions.

You don’t stop fighting for what you believe in. Fuck following any spiritual paths that have already been laid out for us; create your own rituals and beliefs.



In "Drown," I sing about something in your life that keeps dragging behind you, like a tiresome issue or person, until you finally realize, “I can’t change you, you will always keep drowning yourself in your pity, in your issues.” It’s about just being sick of that energy and spitting it out, and finally choosing to not spend your energy on someone who will forever choose to be miserable.



This one is for Leah C. It can also be a song for parted lovers who have had a peaceful parting but a hard one nonetheless. Joey Jones (producer/engineer of CVI) and I got kind of teary doing this one. I actually tried not to cry on the last part of the song, but you can kind of hear the break in my voice...it was appropriate, so we kept it. Also, this is the first song on the album without the original lineup. The original drummer quit during the making of CVI.


“Black Water Vision”

This one is painfully deep and it would require me to open up a huge part of my life, if I explained it completely. I will only lightly touch on this one. The song is about going into another space and time, driven by the influence of wannabe spiritual guides, being completely manipulated and brainwashed, seeking an escape in that moment, then a giant coin that was on my neck completely bruising my face because I was having convulsions. It’s not obvious at all in my lyrics. You might think you know, but it’s not what you think it is. I have yet to process it; therefore, I’m not ready to be open about it. This is the first and only song on the album with the new lineup, Josh Coleman (guitar) and Lee Smith (drums). alt