Life imitates art, and art can be found in every television show, music video and blockbuster movie for one multi-talented artist with a Rubik's Cube collection.

Italian artist Giovanni Contardi is a world champion in speedcubing, the sport of quick puzzle solving. In his current Melbourne residence, he creates massive celebrity portraits using only the six colors on Rubik’s Cubes.

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Contardi uses around 700 cubes to create lifelike representations of beloved actors such as Jared Leto as the Joker from Suicide Squad all the way to adored musicians such as Childish Gambino and Dave Grohl.

He’s inspired to create portraits based on the movies he’s recently seen, or even concerts he recently attended.

One of his recent portraits was a lifelike Pennywise from It. A whopping 725 Rubik’s Cubes with unique color combinations created the scary picture. You won’t believe how realistic it looks.

Contardi even celebrated 30K Instagram followers by posing with his artwork with a red balloon.

Since this post in August, he has racked up over 60K followers on Instagram and praise from some of the celebrities he recreates such as comedian and Daily Show host Trevor Noah and Stranger Things star and Calpurnia frontman Finn Wolfhard.

Check out his page to see more music, TV and film favorites. You may recognize this familiar face from Bring Me The Horizon. After seeing a sweet BMTH concert, Contardi used 700 cubes to create the perfect fan art of Oli Sykes.

You can see some of his other work below.

He made this sweet Billie Eilish portrait complete with the infamous spider.

He built this amazing Eleven portrait that will make you crave waffles.

You can't miss this Post Malone either!

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