[Photos by: FYE/Facebook, Nickelodeon]

Rugrats Reptar Bars are coming! Yup, the fave Halloween candy of the '90s cartoon babies from the Nickelodeon TV show is getting a real-life release just in time for trick-or-treating. And they'll even turn your tongue green!

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According to FoodBeast, FYE will be slinging Reptar Bars at their stores sometime within the next week—you can find your nearest location here. The retail chain made the throwback candy announcement via Facebook.

Like the cartoon, the IRL Reptar Bars have gooey insides of green frosting hidden beneath their chocolate exterior. Now you too can bite into a Reptar Bar and relive your favorite Rugrats memories for Halloween!

Check out Clevver's recent video about the Rugrats Reptar Bar below!

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