[Photo credit: Reptar/Nickelodeon/Facebook]

The '90s were full of iconic cartoons such as Hey Arnold!, Catdog and Rugrats. Now's your chance to relive your childhood dreams of becoming one of the most legendary dinosaurs of our young lives. 

Move over inflatable t-rex costume, inflatable Reptar is the new must-have this Halloween!

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Have you ever wanted to reenact Reptar On Ice? Feel like chasing some kids down the street as a giant green dinosaur? Thanks to ThinkGeek, you finally can!

The officially-licensed Rugrats Reptar costume is just what you need to relive some '90s nostalgia this Halloween. Retailing at $79.99, you'll get the costme, Reptar gloves and the battery-operated fan to fill the costume for some inflatable fun. 

ThinkGeek Rugrats Reptar costume

[Photo credit: ThinkGeek]

Grab those Reptar bars, pour yourself a bowl of Reptar ceral and head over to ThinkGeek to snag your own Reptar costume! Who wouldn't want to run up and down the streets this trick-or-treat as a giant, angry, green dinosaur?

Reptar gif

[Gif credit: Tenor]

Would you dress as Reptar for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!