The FBI are looking into allegations that Ryan Adams engaged in sexual communications with an underage fan, the New York Times reports.

The New York Times published a report Wednesday with the allegations in which several women came forward to discuss their experiences with Adams including Mandy Moore and Phoebe Bridgers.

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The report also included an interview with the now 20-year-old Ava, who was only 14 at the time Adams began corresponding with her.

The Times reviewed all 3,217 text messages that took place between the two over a nine-month period when Ava was 15 and 16 years old.

Conversations turned graphic and sexual, with Adam questioning Ava repeatedly about her age stating, “I would get in trouble if someone knew we talked like this.” The report states that Ava did not always answer honestly.

“I never see pics of you anymore,” Adams wrote in November of 2014. “You were blowing my mind.”

Days later he added, “If people knew they would say I was like R Kelley lol.”

Minutes later, the conversation turned sexual.

“I just want you to touch your nipple,” he texted. “And tell me that your mom is not gonna kill me if she finds out we even text.”

According to the report, Ava and Adams conducted video calls that sometimes included nudity, but the two never met in person.

Adam’s lawyer, Andrew B. Brettler, claims his client does not recall such interactions with Ava.

“Mr. Adams unequivocally denies that he ever engaged in inappropriate online sexual communications with someone he knew was underage,” Brettler says.

Now, a law enforcement office with knowledge on the matter tells the Times they are looking into whether Adams committed a crime by engaging in sexual communications with someone who was underage.

On Thursday, FBI agents in the bureau’s New York office made their first move into opening a criminal investigation.

The agent speaking to the Times stated officials from the Crimes Against Children Squad are looking to interview Ava and obtain the text messages as well as any other evidence she may have.

If the allegations seem credible, more investigative steps will be taken including subpoenaing Ava and Adams’ cell phone records for their service providers. Ava's lawyer declined to comment on the matter as her family deliberates on how to proceed.

Adams' lawyer tells Pitchfork that he has not been contacted by law enforcement.

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