Some film set props from the Pokémon movie Detective Pikachu with Ryan Reynolds were stumbled upon in London, and safe to say, we're excited.

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As shared by Twitter user Howard Bud, people are replying and saying it's the largest movie leak they have ever seen! (Jokes, of course.)

The tweet above sheds some light on what was found—it appears to be a few cars being used in the film, a sign about a Police Plaza and a Human Pokémon Partnership Police Department statue.

Aside from these leaked photos, we know Reynolds will be voicing Detective Pikachu and Justice Smith (Jurassic World) will be his human partner in busting crime cases in Ryme City. As previously reported, most of the details of the project are being kept off the grid, but we’re excited to see how Detective Pikachu comes to life on the big screen—with Reynolds as the star.

The film is set to release May 10, 2019. In the meantime, watch a trailer for the Detective Pikachu video game, which might give us some hints toward the plot of the live-action film...

What other classic Pokémon characters are you looking forward to seeing in the upcoming live-action film? Comment below and let us know!