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We got really excited at the news that The Office just might make a comeback in the future, and it got us reminiscing about the times Michael, Pam, Jim and co. gave us all the feelz. From Pam’s tears to Dwight’s antics with a megaphone, here are 19 examples of The Office getting seriously emotional, complete with an emo tune to soundtrack each scene.

When Pam fell asleep on Jim

Not only was she falling asleep on his shoulder, but this was one of the first hints we had that Pam was properly falling for Jim. This scene is off-the-scale cute.

Emo soundtrack: “Fall For You,” Secondhand Serenade

When Jim first declared his love for Pam

Yeah, prepare for a lot of Jim and Pam in this list. Bore off, Shakespeare –– this is the greatest love story ever told.

Emo soundtrack: “Secret Love,” Bellevue Days

When Pam cried about Jim and Karen’s relationship

Don’t cry, Pam! Or at least, if you’re going to have a cry, make sure you’re blasting some proper emo bangers to soundtrack your sadness.

Emo soundtrack: “I Miss You,” Blink-182

When Michael bought Pam’s artwork

Poor Pam, right? She had a really rough time in the early seasons of The Office, including the episode where none of her co-workers turned up to her art show (apart from Oscar, who was a right bitch). That is, until Michael shows up at the last minute and is gobsmacked at Pam’s drawing of the Dunder Mifflin building. “I’m so proud of you,” our favorite boss gushes as both his and the audience’s eyes well up.

Emo soundtrack: “Candles,” Hey Monday

When Jim asked Pam out on their first date

The hearts of Office fans around the world soared when Jim finally broke things off with Karen and asked out Pam. “Are you free for dinner tonight?” the paper salesman asks. OF COURSE SHE BLOODY IS, MATE.

Emo soundtrack: “Cloud,” Basement

When Jim proposed to Pam

The Office went full rom-com for the big proposal, with gushing rain and swirling wind serving as the backdrop to Jim asking Pam to marry him.

Emo soundtrack: “Thunder,” Boys Like Girls

When Jim showed Pam the house he’d bought

Pam The Office house GIF

Yes, it’s not the prettiest of houses (we all remember that clown painting), but come on, Jim’s a paper salesman, not a rock star. Pam’s reaction here is priceless: “You bought me a house!!!” YEAH, HE DID!

Emo soundtrack: “The World Is Ugly,” My Chemical Romance

When Jim and Pam found out Pam was pregnant

Who saw that coming?! You go for a harmless game of volleyball, and you come away with the news that you’re going to be parents. “Dwight, send in the subs!”

Emo soundtrack: “Stupid For You,” Waterparks

When Pam and Jim got married at Niagara Falls

Another rain-soaked Jim and Pam scene to tug at our heartstrings. The cutest couple ever to grace TV finally tie the knot in the most romantic of circumstances –– cue tears of joy from literally everyone watching.

Emo soundtrack: “Forever Yours,” Grayscale