Sagittarius season is underway. People born under this season (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) tend to be adventurous. Prone to chase their dreams and daring to do the impossible, this fire sign lights up the room wherever they go.

Driven, curious and a little impulsive, this sign’s energy knows no bounds. And in their season, they flourish. To celebrate this fiery sign, we’re listing all the Sagittariuses in our scene. From All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth to In This Moment’s Maria Brink, click through to find your faves.

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A breakdown of the Sagittarius sign

Sagittariuses are restless, always looking for the next big thing in their lives. They’re willing to risk it all to achieve their dreams, even if it’s a bit more than they can handle. Driven by knowledge, this sign is curious and always willing to learn and discuss.

Odds are, the Sagittarius in your life holds themselves to a high standard. A perfectionist to the max, their almost unrealistic goals help drive them forward. Because of the standards they set for themselves, a Sagittarius is quick to take responsibility and will be the last one to pass blame.

While quick to take responsibility with their super-high standards, the Sagittarius is still a fire sign. That means they’re all about living in the moment instead of dwelling on their past. Sagittarius is an overly optimistic sign at times as well as very impulsive.

Sagittariuses are impulsive and driven, but they’re considered to be the chameleon of signs. Perhaps because of the way they go with the flow, they get along with everyone and work well with all signs. In addition, they’re supportive, dedicated and generous when it comes to their loved ones—even as they float from one place to the next.

Does this sound like the Sagittarius in your life? Sound off in the comments.