After coming out of hiatus, Sainthood Reps are releasing their first single in six years, “Burning Sheep.”

Formed in the winter of 2009, vocalist Francesco Montesanto and lead guitarist Derrick Sherman wanted to create something that embodied the dynamics of post-rock while including elements of the punk and hardcore bands they grew up seeing. After recruiting Bradley Cordaro and Jani Zubkovs, they began performing immediately, playing their first show in Detroit.  

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They later went on to release two albums and toured with bands such as Mewithoutyou, Citizen, Tigers Jaw and more. After the release of their second LP, Headswell, the band went on a five-year hiatus. Now, they’re back in the studio working on new music to be released this year via No Sleep Records.

Montesanto says that while they had intended on a softer approach for their return, that isn’t what happened with their new single, “Burning Sheep.”

“We always wanted to keep Sainthood going in some capacity, but weren’t sure what direction we wanted to take the band,” he reveals. “We al agreed to go in a more overall mellow direction. And here we are, releasing probably our heaviest song ever.”

And heavy it is. With dark guitar riffs and rough-sounding vocals, the band capture the essence of post-rock perfectly.

The meaning of the song is just as straightforward.

“Just your typical song about what a heaping mound of shit this country has been the last two years,” Montesanto says.

Take a listen to “Burning Sheep” below!

The track is available for purchase via Bandcamp for “pay what you want,” and all proceeds will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

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