It looks like Samsung may be following in Apple's footsteps. Back in June, it was reported that Apple plans to ditch free chargers and EarPods with its newer iPhones. Now, it looks like Samsung is also considering removing chargers from phone boxes.

A new report is saying that Samsung will stop bundling chargers with phones starting next year.

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According to the new report, "industry sources" say that Samsung will stop including free chargers with phone purchases for a simple reason - most Samsung users already have USB-C chargers laying around.

By removing the chargers from phone boxes, Samsung can save a great amount of money. These savings can offset some of the additional costs the company deals with including the often pricy 5G components that are now becoming standards in new phones.

The report also claims that Samsung is in talks with its partners on how they should execute the change. The removal of chargers from phone bundles will greatly impact the companies that supply the chargers to Samsung.

As well, it is likely that Samsung will only remove free chargers from certain models. However, the report does not state which phone models those will be.

This report comes nearly two weeks after reports swirled that Apple is planning to ditch its chargers and EarPods for later iPhone models. The controversial move is to offset production costs that Apple will incur from supporting 5G on its devices. Therefore, we could see the iPhone 12 feature a comparable price to the current iPhone 11.

As well, with no EarPods or power adapters in the box, Apple may decide to use smaller packaging. This would be a more eco-friendly alternative and would greatly reduce shipping costs since more phones will be able to fit in one shipment. Also, the removal of EarPods from the box may persuade customers to purchase the more expensive AirPods instead.

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