Actress Kristen Stewart played host to last night's Saturday Night Live episode, with Coldplay taking over the role of musical guest. One of the best, and most relatable, SNL sketches of the night featured Stewart donning that iconic Hayley Williams hair and singing a "Corporate Nightmare" song that sounds like it could pass for a Sum 41 deep-cut.

Watch Stewart and her fellow corporate employees take some notes from our scene and perform as the skate-punk band Kickflipk below.

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Joined by her castmates Pete Davidson, Kyle Mooney and Mikey Day, the actors don everything from emo hair and side bangs to lip rings and punk-rock attitudes.

Kristen Stewart channels her inner Paramore while Kyle Mooney shares an uncanny resemblance to Green Day's Mike Dirnt.

With YouTube comments such as "This skit caused My Chemical Romance to come out of retirement" to "This is not the MCR reunion I was promised," this Saturday Night Live skit is all-around entertaining.

Watch these punk employees rally against their corporate jobs in the video below!

To view the full lyrics, click here.

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Billie Eilish has explained how she pulled off her gravity-defying performance on Saturday Night Live.

In case you missed it, Eilish helped kick off the 45th season by performing on the late-night show for the very first time.

The episode, hosted by Woody Harrelson, saw the artist performing her hits “bad guy” and “i love you.”

Kicking things off with “bad guy,” Eilish performed inside of a rotating set that made it appear as if she was walking up the walls and across the ceiling.

Now, Eilish has explained how she pulled it off. She said for this song, she was in a box that looked like the real SNL stage.

“And, you know, I started walking on the walls,” she said. “Basically it was inspired by this scene from Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire where he walks on all the walls of the ceiling.”

She explained her vision for the performance to her team by replicating it with a tissue box so they could perfect the timing of everything.

“Pretty much everyone I know was excited about it,” Eilish said. “We have had more rehearsal time than any other thing we’ve done.”

What do you think of this scene-inspired 
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