[Photo by: Toys "R" Us]

Wanna help save Geoffrey the Giraffe from extinction?

Following the news that longstanding toy store Toys "R" Us will be closing all 800 of its U.S. locations, certain factions are attempting to raise a large amount of money to save the beloved retailer. That's right, there's now a GoFundMe campaign attempting to raise $1 billion to save Toys "R" Us.

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As reported by Comicbook.com, the campaign to save Toys "R" Us was started by billionaire Bratz doll maker Isaac Larian with the social media hashtag #SaveToysRUs, and now he's taken his charge to GoFundMe along with other investment partners in hopes of buying the failing toy brand.

Larian and his investors reportedly pooled $200 million together to jump start the fundraising campaign, and there's since been an additional $40,000 added to the pot by ardent Toys "R" Us lovers, but it looks like there's still quite a ways to go to that stated $1B goal. Dare to dream, toy aficionados!

Check out the Save Toys "R" Us campaign here.

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