If you're aiming to join Paramore onstage at one point or another, clearly catching the eye of Hayley Williams is the right way to go. Luckily for saxophonist Tony Hancock—aka Saxl Rose—his "Fake Saxy (Happy)" cover was a hit.

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After posting the cover video to Twitter and tagging the band, Hancock let them know he had pit tickets for the June 23rd show and asked if it was cool if he brought his sax.

We mean, don't ask, don't receive right?

After Hayley Williams personally replied to the cover "this is so cool oh my gahhh," it seems that Paramore were very cool with the idea indeed. Saxl Rose was right up there onstage June 23rd in Columbia, MD turning "Ain't It Fun" into a ska fest.

Dreams really do come true.

It looks like good 'ol Tony even got to meet and greet the band afterwards, taking this awesome pic and expressing his gratitude:

Watch the full version of Hancock's incredible cover, "Fake Saxy (Happy)" below!

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