You may recognize Tony Hancock—better known as Saxl Rose. His saxophone covers of scene favorites have gotten him a lot of attention on social media and even nabbed him gigs performing "In Bloom" with Neck Deep earlier this year and spot on the final cross country run of the Van's Warped Tour.

Pretty incredible, right? Today he's premiering his cover of Miss May I's "My Sorrow," featuring Levi Benton himself.

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"I had a blast shooting this video with Tony," Benton explains. "His talent and creativity mixed with his ability to blend different genres is incredible. So honored he chose a MMI song to shred some sax over!"

"I remember meeting Tony years ago at the Ottobar in Baltimore," Miss May I's Ryan Neff also shares. "The funny thing is I had no idea he even played saxophone, we became pals when his band, Listen For The Light, was a local opener for Miss May I. We've always stayed in touch since then, and when he told me he wanted to link up for a clip I was stoked to do it." 

Check out the incredible cover, along with an introductory Q&A with Saxl Rose himself, below:

How long have you been playing saxophone? 

Hancock: I’m 24 now, so probably close to 20 plus years!

How did you get started?

I was constantly around music growing up. My dad played saxophone, keyboards and sang in a band that traveled constantly. My mom was a part time DJ for a local bar in my hometown of Havre de Grace, Maryland. My uncle "WaWa" Legrand played guitar for artists like Teddy Pendergrass, Ciara and more. So there was just no escaping music in my house. I started picking up different instruments up super young, at like 4 or 5 years old. By the time I joined concert band in 4th grade, I had already had experience playing sax, drums and guitar. Plus I have an awesome family that supports everything I do.

What made you start doing covers of "scene" songs? 

I had started covering songs on my Instagram (@ListenFor_Tony) and the first few were mainly R&B and hip-hop. I covered a Wiz Khalifa song, who is easily my favorite rapper, and within about 20 minutes, he saw it, messaged me and shared it on his Instagram story. A few weeks later, I covered "Ain’t It Fun" by Paramore. Hayley saw it almost right away and shared it with her Twitter followers, which blew my mind because I love their music and she just seems like an awesome person. I’ve always gotten so much love and support from my hometown, so getting love from artists and kids all around the world means so much to me. Especially because at the end of the day, I’m a music fanatic just like anyone else.You could go on to my iPhone right now and see Paramore, the Temptations, Taking Back Sunday, Issues, Drake, John Mayer, Miss May I, Rare Futures and Intervals all in the same playlist. I love it all.

Levi is a good friend of mine, and when I told him my idea for the video, not only was he immediately down for it, but he also showed me and my girlfriend around LA the day after my performance with Neck Deep. Great band, great guys in general, and Levi is easily one of my favorite front men. Go grab Shadows Inside if you haven't yet!

You got to perform with Neck Deep. Who is your dream artist to perform with? 

Yes! That was a dream come true because I’m such a huge fan. Their drummer Dani actually found me online through my "Ain’t It Fun" cover. Getting the opportunity to perform with them in my home state of Maryland, then again in NYC, then again in LA for a TV show was truly a blessing. I’m forever grateful to the band, their road crew and their management.

As far as my dream artist, I would love to perform with Paramore. I’m seeing them in June, and I can’t wait! They continue to drop incredible album after incredible album, I love every one of them! Brand New Eyes, I’m gonna let you finish, but After Laughter is the greatest Paramore album of all time. (Drops mic)

Anything you want the fans to know?

Catch me at the Virginia Beach & Maryland stops of Warped Tour! Keep an eye out for my band's, Listen For The Light, new album. We just finished recording, and it's produced by Taylor Larson & myself. Also, I’m working on a solo project that is going to blow your minds! Thank you all for listening.