Say Anything unleashed new track "Daze" from their forthcoming Oliver Appropriate full-length.

The new song follows today's earlier announcement from frontman Max Bemis where he detailed plans to "kind of sort of, end Say Anything." Bemis wrote a lengthy statement on the forthcoming album, the future of the band, and more.

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The singer revealed the album “is not far off in the future,” but no date was given. The band's last album, I Don't Think It Is, was released with no warning in 2016, so it wouldn't be totally shocking if they chose the same path for Oliver Appropriate.

In his 10-page announcement, Bemis revealed that Say Anything’s upcoming album is a sequel to …Is A Real Boy. It follows a character, who Bemis named Oliver, 14 years after the first story took place.

“This record is the story of what would happen to the Real Boy many people thought I was. His band did well but then fell off, hard,” he explains. “He’d be my age, of course, but he’d still be living in Brooklyn, struggling with financial woes, single and strung out.”

Oliver Appropriate, then, follows this character around for two days. “The first song kicks it off with Oliver waking up on a hungover Sunday in his filthy Bushwick apartment and
follows him to a contrived dive bar where he meets the first boy he allows himself to fall in love with,” Bemis shares.

“The album ends with Oliver’s ascension after death and his acceptance of what he’s done to himself, Karl, and the world,” he continues. “I would like to think he is reborn and goes somewhere better and since I believe in the power of story, I believe this to be (fictionally) true, since I did write the damn thing.”

Bemis goes on to explain this is Say Anything’s first inclusive album and its lyrics “can be sung by girls, boys and anyone under the sun without correcting the endlessly pervasive dude pronouns.”

Bemis also shares his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, PTSD and anxiety attacks. While he revealed he can’t actually quit Say Anything, he’s “done being a touring musician.” So, this is just the end of “the first era of Say Anything.”

“I need a break. We’ll return one day to play festivals and scoff at our career. But I want to say goodbye,” he writes. “Say Anything is retiring in the sense that Jay-Z did. It’s not an indefinite hiatus or a breakup because that’s impossible.”

As a result, the new album will not be followed by a tour, but more music could happen at some point.

“Say Anything will probably make music again, and I’m not claiming this is our actual last record, but it may be,” he continues. “Who knows. That’s up to me and my family.”

Check out "Daze" below.