19-year-old Scarlet Rae has released "Seems Like Forever" with an accompanying video directed by Surf Gang. With only three singles released thus far, Rae is already making an impact.

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"Seems Like Forever" is the second release from the artist this year, following "Going Through." The track features soft, melodic vocals and moody instrumentation to create the perfect companion for a rainy day.

You can watch the music video for "Seems Like Forever" below.

"Seems Like Forever" lyrics:

Turned the lights off
I didn't mean to fall asleep early again
Took my clothes off
This medication turns my nightmares into sweat
Silhouette star
Through my window like a flashlight from the outside
Gravitate towards
Meaning give me strength or let this be the end

It seems like forever
This movie's too long
It seems like forever now

Lost my patience
I only had it for a year but now it's gone
Time to go home
Finish what's left of the Ketamine in my drawer
I'm such an embarrassment
Can't make it stop
I'm so embarrassed now

You know how it goes
You know how it works out
It's always something to imagine
Like the future
Tell it so
Tell it like you remember
I even believe my twisted words that come out faster