According to a new report from TMZ, Scary Kids Scaring Kids singer Tyson Stevens may have died from a drug overdose, “possibly heroin.” That is what his mother and girlfriend told police, TMZ reports.

Stevens had recently celebrated his 29th birthday in September. Upon hearing reports the singer had died, AP reached out and was told by a source that Stevens was found dead by his girlfriend in Tucson, Arizona, on the morning of October 21.

Stevens’ new band, Coma Prevail, would later give further confirmation of the news on Facebook. “Unfortunately, the rumors are true,” the band wrote. “Out of respect for family, we will post details soon.”

A toxicology report to determine the precise cause of death is expected in the next few weeks. Read more from TMZ:

“Stevens died Monday and the official cause of death is unknown. But law enforcement sources tell TMZ … there's smoke. The girlfriend and mom say Stevens had struggled with heroin addiction for a long time, although he was recently clean.”

“Our sources say Stevens' body had “old track marks” that had scabbed on his inner right ankle. We're told there was no heroin in the house where he died, but cops did find weed and pipes.”

Stevens formed the synth-driven post-hardcore outfit Scary Kids Scaring Kids in Arizona in 2002. After releasing their debut EP, After Dark, the band would go on to release two full-length albums—The City Sleeps In Flames (2005) and Scary Kids Scaring Kids (2007). The group signed a major label deal with RCA Records, before announcing their breakup in 2009.