Scarypoolparty and nothing,nowhere. are teaming up for an epic tracked filled with distorted lyrics and sick keys in "Universe." Alongside the release, he's also announcing the release of his upcoming project, LOS ANGELES.

Also known as Alejandro Aranda, Scarypoolparty dropped his first single in 2018 with "Out Loud." He went on to share various tracks over the next two years before releasing his debut full-length, Exit Form, in 2019. After a few months with no new music, Aranda released "Return2Sender." As the lead single off Doom Hologram, the song set the stage for the rest of the EP.

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The American Idol runner-up later shared a one-off single Feb. 12 with “Home,” a guitar-driven track filled with flowing melodies and synths. Only a few weeks later, the musician is dropping another track paired with the reveal of his forthcoming EP.

Aranda surprised fans on Twitter and Instagram Feb. 23 when he shared a presave link to his latest release. Featuring nothing,nowhere., “Universe” is the lead single off Aranda’s upcoming EP, LOS ANGELES. With the track, the singer shows off his rap skills as well as trap-inspired beats.

Co-produced with SAWYR (Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj), the EP was recorded in the singer’s home in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. With only the music surrounding him, Aranda weaved R&B cadences into sonic landscapes of harmonies and smooth rhythms. 

Drawing inspiration from some of his deepest thoughts, the singer shares meaningful tracks that take on relationships, love, as well as the opioid epidemic. Though the EP is deeply personal, Aranda says it deserves to be listened to when all you need is a chill tune to ease out stress. 

“The LOS ANGELES EP is made to be listened to in the car with the bass bumping and the windows down, just cruising," he says. "Fun, wild, piano arpeggios and 808s.”

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Where Doom Hologram was encompassed in prog and nü-metal medleys, Aranda presents LOS ANGELES with the same intricacies but an entirely different aesthetic. By utilizing elements from classical music to contemporary pop, the EP is an eclectic collection of genres. With layers from the first track providing the foundation for the other three pieces, the new EP takes you on a winding journey, beginning with dark licks in “Universe” and closing out with the soft piano runs of “Room Full Of Cards.”

LOS ANGELES drops March 26 via Hollywood Records. Check out the tracklisting below.

LOS ANGELES tracklist

1. "Universe" (feat. nothing,nowhere.)
2. "Overdone"
3. "Paradise"
4. "Room Full Of Cards"