Scene kids are one of the most resilient groups on the planet because there’s nothing you can do to get rid of us. 

Some people, especially on the internet, seem to think that scene kids just ceased to exist after the year 2010. This probably has to do with Gen Z doing things such as learning TikTok dances rather than spending all of their time on Myspace while going through their obligatory “scene phase.” 

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And even though times have changed, the scene has stayed strong. In honor of that, we found 10 of the best tweets about scene kids from this year so far. You can check those out below. 

This video showing scene pride on TikTok

This TikTok honestly gave us chills because it actually was us in the mid-2000s. The bracelets, the hair, the Monster, the mannerisms—it’s like someone is trying to cosplay us. While there were many tweets about this video, we loved this one about scene kids who always show support to others. 

This hilarious response to scene kids getting the call

After that TikTok went viral, one person made a hilarious reply that if the Monster logo was projected in the air like the Batman symbol, all the scene kids would come out from under the shadows. Undoubtedly, this is a hilarious visual. 

This undeniable truth

Scene kids should be operating out of the White House, making decisions that would benefit everyone, such as designating a My Chemical Romance song as the new national anthem. 

This honest truth about all of our old Myspace captions

This person relates to us on a spiritual level as they express their sadness over the loss of Myspace. Plus, the description of the caption is laugh-out-loud funny. 

These TikTokers who proved the scene isn’t dead

If anyone tries to tell you that the scene died in the 2000s, they’re apparently unaware of the thriving alt scene on TikTok. Just show them this video to shut them up. 

This iconic photoset

These photos should be put in the Louvre to commemorate the epitome of Myspace scene culture back in the good old days.

This relatable tweet about scene kids combatting the coronavirus

We were wearing masks as accessories and social distancing from others long before the coronavirus outbreak. 

This nightmare thought

We can’t tell if we love or hate the idea of seeing crunkcore videos on TikTok, but it’s definitely a thought worth getting lost in for a while. 

This honest-to-God truth

We’ve been wearing skinny jeans and loads of eyeliner every summer for as long as we can remember, so the scene kid erasure is real. 

And this heartwarming throwback

Hot Topic was at its peak when the store looked like this, mostly because we have so many fond memories of being mall rats back in those days.