Sure, y’all probably went through your scene phase when you were 13, but some of us weren’t so lucky. Going through your scene phase in your 20s sounds great in theory, but when all of your favorite bands don’t exist anymore and your tax return goes to next month’s rent instead of cool band merch, it’s just not as fun. If you didn’t already know, here is what it feels like to go through your scene phase in your 20s.

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1. Your LinkedIn profile picture features you in a My Chemical Romance T-shirt.
2. Everybody knows which beer is yours because there is a black lipstick stain on it.
  1. You have to try to make your hair look less fried pre-job interview.
4. Speaking of, you have to strategically plan out how to get away with vibrant hair colors at your standard nine to five.
  1. Your college graduation photos feature your parents mildly disappointed.
What it’s like to go through your scene phase in your 20s

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  1. You're actually old enough to get that regrettable tattoo your mom would never have allowed you to get.

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  1. You feel awkward crowdsurfing because you are double fisting Stella Artois and, like, you can’t ask for a boost from somebody 10 years younger than you. That’s just weird.
  1. All of the bands you fell in love with are either broken up, dead or have sold out.
  1. All of your friends who once went through a scene phase love Radiohead now, or whatever.