“Bimbocore” might seem like an insult, but trust us — it's the hardest, yet cutest, genre around. 

Hannah Collins, also known by her TikTok handle @SceneQueenRocks, has released a new single, “Pink Rover.”  The track is also accompanied by a music video.

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Collins is one of the rising stars from the alternative TikTok space, garnering a whopping 230,000 followers and 6 million likes. Many of her viral moments tackle misogyny and genre purists who’ve tried to belittle her. Now, she’s biting back.

“Pink Rover” is a rage-filled anthem that addresses the objectification of women and sexual harassment. With all of her music, Collins adds her trademark sense of humor in her overtly adorable delivery of the verses, before heading into a riff-heavy breakdown. This is exemplified best in the lyric “And if that bastard whistles/Put a knife up to his boner/Cut him.”

“When I wrote this song, I had been living in Hollywood for six years,” Collins says. “Women that live in major cities understand that there’s a certain level of harassment you deal with every single day through catcalling. The amount of times I have had to call friends and pretend I was on the phone with my boyfriend to avoid feeling unsafe or objectified is honestly a traumatizing amount.

“So this song was written to explain the rage I feel toward a society that allows women to be treated that way,” she continues. “When I walked in the studio with my male producers and co-writer, they had already been working on a track idea that involved a knife sound. Ironically, I had just been whistled at getting out of my car to walk into the session. It all clicked.

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“And having two guys in the session was honestly the perfect test audience for the lyrics. Something that you know is attacking a very specific audience. If you’re not the target, you can tell I’m not fully serious. I wanted to get the point across but have a sense of humor about it. I think having a sense of humor makes hard topics easier to digest. And of course, in Scene Queen fashion, I had to throw in some pink.”

The track is already a viral sensation on TikTok, with 1.5 million views on Collins’ video promoting the track. Many people are using the song to vent their anger with catcalling and harassment against women. Check out her TikTok and the music video below. 


Collins was featured in issue #404, available here