If we had a buck for every time our mothers roasted our music? We'd be writing this from our yacht parked in tax-free international waters. Which is why we give an APTV salute to today's thoroughly modern moms. And for good reason. From moody electronic tracks to songs with just the right amount of attitude, these are the scene songs even our mothers would love.

We're betting that you turned Mom to some (or all) of these tracks once you pried her away from some graduates from the Nickelback clone factory or whatever American blandstand denizen commercial radio is running up the flagpole. Granted, most of these scene songs have some kind of pop vibe to them. Dads are all about the guitars and the rock. (We know this from watching them in action at Warped Tour.) Lyrically speaking, some of these tracks go far to establish the values moms hold dear. Maybe she has more of your favorite songs on her Spotify playlists than you think...

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There is lesson to be gleaned from this list. The best way to erode a generation gap is when both parents and their offspring share some commonality in culture. When you can get together in front of a pair of speakers together and not say pointed stuff like "you call this music" or "OK, boomer," that's some cause for celebration, right there. Is resignation the new confrontation?

We think this list of scene songs our mothers would love is completely on point. While we certainly back parents getting into sons' and daughters' culture, we do wonder about the other side. There's a stack of amazing bands today's parents rightfully rocked. Yet somehow new generations of listeners still love this stuff. To each their own—or each other's.