Interest in superhero content is at an all-time high. Whether it's the rush of Avengers movies (and an upcoming game) or the resurgence of the DC Universe, people are going wild for comic book lore. This made us think: What heroes would participate in the scene? Here are 10 superheroes who could rock their own band.

1. The Punisher

One of the locks for this list, the Punisher is the best definition of hardcore you can get. The man is a certified badass and usually takes the most painful route to take care of villains. We could see him busting some heads in the pit and most likely eliminating a portion of the performing band’s fanbase in the process. He’s also constantly rocking all black and a large skull on his chest, making him the easiest hero to fit into the scene.

2. Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Before becoming a fan-favorite in the Deadpool movies, Negasonic Teenage Warhead was portrayed as a goth-clad hero with explosive capabilities. Even with her toned-down modern adaptations, the shaved dome and snarky attitude would make her the perfect frontwoman for any rock band.

3. Wolverine

Wolverine is basically Glenn Danzig with claws. If the latest Misfits reunion fizzles like we all expect it to, Wolverine could make for a perfect alternate. He even brings the metal factor (literally) with bones of adamantium.

4. Batman

The DC poster child could also serve as the emo representative for all superheroes, as he's easily regarded as one of the darkest characters in fiction. With a heartbreaking backstory and plenty of quotes you could find on a Myspace page, Batman continues to rep the all-black-everything fashion, and we’re not sure anyone could remove him from the emo throne.

5. Deadpool

Snarky enough to front blink-182 but bloody enough to be an emo fan, Deadpool is the most versatile of scene participants. Growing back limbs is pretty metal in itself, but the demented scars underneath would make him the first member of Slipknot to perform without a mask.

6. (Punk) Spider-Man

As seen in the latest animated Spider-Man movie, the possibilities are endless in the Spider-Verse. Naturally, there would be a punk version of the web-slinging hero, complete with a mohawk and battle jacket. He even saved the day once by rocking out with Gwen Stacy, arguably making him the coolest version of Spidey.

7. Thor

The God Of Thunder has probably heard his name in an Amon Amarth song or two, so you know he’d be whipping that golden mane around to some viking metal. Seeing as the entire genre is somewhat based around him and his culture, we’re sure he’s a fan.

8. Ghost Rider

The guy has a flaming skull for a head. What other argument is needed? Seriously though, the image of Ghost Rider rolling in on his Harley could make for the next great metal album cover. The Nicholas Cage version is even complete with leather jacket, chains, leather pants and spiked gloves.

9. Nightwing

Skulking around at night is a goth activity, and kid-wonder-turned-edgy-scene-kid Nightwing makes that his go-to evening plan. Of course, his parents (or Batman in this case) will never understand him, so why not delve into the dark world of rock ’n’ roll?

10. Iron Man

It’s in the name. His suit is literally made of metal. If there’s anything more metal than that, we don’t know what it is.

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