It’s hard to believe that the ’00s were more than a decade ago. Just as our playlists have continued to evolve so has our fashion taste (with some scene classics still mixed in, of course). Even so, there were quite a few questionable fashion choices made at the time that we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing now.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the more questionable scene trends that we truly can’t believe we let ourselves leave the house wearing. Even though our style has changed, we definitely remember ourselves posting Myspace selfies while proudly wearing nearly all of these trends. Take a walk down memory lane and check out our list below.

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1. Vests as a shirt

Why was a black vest seen as such a stylish accessory back in the day? While it definitely didn’t look great over T-shirts, it was even worse when people would just wear the vests with nothing under them.

2. Glasses without lenses

[Photo via Reddit][/caption]For some reason, we all wanted glasses in the ’00s even though we didn’t need them. As if buying actual glasses and popping out the lenses wasn’t bad enough, we remember stealing movie theater 3D glasses and wearing those on a regular basis.

3. Scarves

If there’s any way to describe mid ’00s scene fashion, it’s that more is more, especially with accessories. These scarves are just not cute, and we definitely didn’t style them to our advantage. They often had conflicting patterns or were like black-and-white striped and super skinny. No matter the style, let’s hope these never make a comeback. 

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4. Cat-face makeup
cat whiskers

[Photo via Pinterest][/caption]There were a lot of questionable makeup trends in the ’00s, but none were as bad as when we would just draw a cat nose and whiskers on our faces and proudly go out in public like that. We were all guilty of taking selfies while sporting this look and making it our Myspace profile photos, and we should be ashamed. 

5. Knee-high converse

We all begged our parents to buy us these and they never would because they knew how bad they would look on us. We still wore them anyway, and they truly never looked cute no matter what you put them with. They also make your legs super sweaty and gross, but it was worth it for fashion at the time. 

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6. Big bows/barrettes
scene bows

[Photo via Pinterest][/caption]Our hair was never complete without at least three bows or barrettes clipped in it at a time. We would tease it and straighten it to death, and then rip it out with all of our crazy hair accessories that always hurt our heads. It was another sacrifice we made for our aesthetic, but we can’t imagine ourselves wearing our hair like this on the regular again. 

7. Deep V-neck shirts

There was a period of time where no one wore a t-shirt that wasn’t a V-neck, and the deeper, the better. We all thought it was the pinnacle of fashion for some reason, and while it definitely has its place, we overplayed it. Also, we probably paired it with skinny jeans that were way too tight and like a random tie, so we didn’t wear it to its advantage. 

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8. Striped arm warmers
arm warmers

[Photo via Amazon][/caption]As previously stated, we were accessories-obsessed in the ’00s to another level. These arm warmers never really looked like they fit and just had a questionable purpose. They were always an obnoxious pattern that definitely garnered attention but not necessarily in a good way. 

9. Ties

Our looks with vests and V-necks were never complete without randomly throwing a tie on and calling it a day. We thought this made us look cool for some reason even though it’s truly just a questionable combination. 

10. Clip-in color streaks

As if putting bows in our hair wasn’t bad enough, we’d also ruin our hair with clip in extensions that never looked like our real hair. We’d add in clip-ins with different colors and patterns and it would just look like a mess, but we liked it that way. 

What were your most questionable scene fashion choices? Sound off in the comments down below!