Jack Black recently crossed paths with two of his favorite students from his School of Rock days. During Tenacious D concerts, Kevin Clark, who played drummer Freddy (“Spazzy McGee”) and Rebecca Brown, who played bassist Katie, met with the coolest substitute teacher of all time.

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According to TMZ, Black gave Clark a backstage pass for his Tuesday night show in Chicago after the two got in touch. The drummer met with Black backstage to take a few photos and reminisce.

Clark, now a professional drummer, gave Black t-shirts for his current band Dreadwolf. Black immediately put on the shirt for the photo op. You can check out a nostalgic slideshow of the pair below.

Brown attended the Tenacious D show Wednesday night, which was also in Chicago at the Riviera Theater. You can check out a photo of the pair here.

Years ago, Black got the entire cast to reunite to play “Long Way To the Top” for School of Rock’s 10-year anniversary. You can watch a video of their performance below. As you can see, Katie (Brown) finally got her solo.

School of Rock follows the story of a recent-ex rocker turned substitute teacher, who makes a band out of a private elementary school class. The substitute teacher then enters the class into a Battle of the Bands to help alleviate his financial instability. 

Check out the trailer for School of Rock below.

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