Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley has revealed that his next project with be Snotgirl, a "funny and fucked up” comic book about a fashion blogger who is tied down by insufferable allergies, (via Polygon). He has teamed up with Leslie Hung for the endeavor.

"We're always talking about our allergies," says O’Malley. "What if there's this girl who has allergies and maybe she can take a pill and be beautiful for a little while [...] Leslie and I were just talking about ideas, and we just had this flow of ideas organically.”

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"We both like beautiful people and fashion and social media,” continues O'Malley. "We both like emotions—especially sad and embarrassing ones. I really like writing dark comedy. So it’s been a very natural process.”

Snotgirl was revealed during a press conference at Image Expo in San Francisco.