SECT have posted on their Facebook to say that they plan to begin recording a new album this weekend.

See their update below!

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SECT, a straightedge vegan hardcore band featuring Fall Out Boy's Andy Hurley as well as past and current members of Earth Crisis, Cursed, Burning Love and Catharsis, will be heading to Salem, Massachusettes to start recording at GodCity Studio, Kurt Ballou of Converge's studio.

The band posted this teaser video on Facebook, mentioning that "a Grammy nomination isn't out of the question." 

Outside of Fall Out Boy, Hurley has played drums in both FocusedXMinds (straight-edge hardcore band) and the Damned Things (with members of Every Time I Die and Anthrax), so don't be too suprised that SECT is heavier than what you might expect from a member of Fall Out Boy.

According to their bandcamp page SECT features "ex-members of Shut The Fuck Up and current members of SECT." Clearly the members want you to listen to their new music with an open mind and not be overshadowed by their other monumental endeavors, and that's just what we plan on doing! 

We don't think a Grammy is too far off either. Let us know how stoked you are for SECT's new music down below!