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See Architects return in the ominous new video for “Animals”

It’s been nearly two years since we last heard new music from Architects. Now, they are back with their hard-hitting new single “Animals.”

As well, Architects have subtly confirmed their next album is on the way.

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2018’s Holy Hell was a true triumph for Architects. Featuring hits such as “Doomsday,” “Hereafter” and “Royal Beggars,” the album marked an evolutionary period for the band following 2016’s All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us.

Now, Architects are back after nearly two years with their surprise new single “Animals,” which highlights the existential crises we deal with in life. Architects have also dropped an ominous video, directed by drummer Dan Searle, for the new single which truly showcases their growth and creative development as a band.

“We’re just a bunch of fucking animals,” Sam Carter sings on the new track. “But we’re afraid of the outcome. Don’t cry to me because the fiction that we’re living in says I should pull the pin.”

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Eagle-eyed fans seem to have spotted a major hint about Architects’ forthcoming album. Although no release date for the LP has been shared yet, fans spotted the album’s title in the video’s metadata.

According to the video information, Architects’ next album is called For Those That Wish To Exist. Along with the speculated new album and “Animals,” the band also recently dropped some new merch for this next era.

Fans last heard new music from the band last year when they released an acoustic version of “A Wasted Hymn” which appears on Holy Hell. As well, they also put out two Spotify singles in 2019 that were recorded at the historic Abbey Road Studios in London.

“Animals” is available to stream below.

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