Last month, Black Veil Brides finally introduced the world inside their new concept album The Phantom Tomorrow with the powerful "Scarlet Cross" video.

Now, Black Veil Brides have unveiled a behind-the-scenes video that shows just how the concept for the "Scarlet Cross" visual was created.

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Black Veil Brides are preparing to release their new concept album The Phantom Tomorrow sometime next year. After unveiling various details and clues, BVB finally dropped the powerful video for "Scarlet Cross" last month.

The cinematic visual gave fans the first look into the story surrounding The Phantom Tomorrow. The forthcoming album follows the antihero The Blackbird and a group of societal outcasts known as the “The Phantom Tomorrow.”

The "Scarlet Cross" video opens as a female member of The Phantom Tomorrow takes to the dimly lit streets. Not long after, however, she soon realizes she is being followed. As a street chase eventually begins, The Blackbird appears from the shadows only to quickly disappear back into the night.

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Now, Black Veil Brides have shared a behind-the-scenes video that reveals just how the "Scarlet Cross" visual was created. In the video, Andy Biersack gives an exclusive look into his drawings for Black Veil Bride's "Scarlet Cross" costumes. Fans also see how the video was filmed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking direct inspiration from Biersack's sketches and ideas, Black Veil Brides worked closely with director Patrick Fogarty to introduce their concept album's story to fans in the "Scarlet Cross" video.

Ultimately, the visual helps prepare listeners for the philosophical narrative that makes up their new album. During a recent interview with Alternative Press, Biersack further explained the album's overarching concepts and the meaning behind The Blackbird's costume in the "Scarlet Cross" video.

"In the video I made, [I] cast him to look like a homemade costume," Biersack says. "The idea was this is not Batman. This isn’t Iron Man, and he isn’t a superhero. This is a person who lives in this culture where he felt like he needed to do something and does it in his own way."

The behind-the-scenes "Scarlet Cross" video is available to watch below.

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