Last month, Motionless In White celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut album Creatures with an exclusive "deadstream" event.

For those of you that missed the special virtual concert, you're in luck. On Friday, Motionless In White released their powerful debut live performance of "Creatures X: To The Grave."

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In celebration of the Creatures anniversary, Motionless In White debuted their new single "Creatures X: To The Grave." The era-defining song is a true throwback to the album that helped start it all for MIW.

Chris “Motionless” Cerulli previously revealed that “Creatures X: To The Grave” was inspired by “Creatures” and has similar elements to the original song that Motionless In White fans will easily recognize.

“After ten years of the most insane highs and lows that a band can experience, we are so proud to hit such a milestone as a record having its 10th anniversary,” he shared. “We wanted to do something special to celebrate, so we decided to throw it back with a very Creatures-inspired track that includes some of the very same keyboard sounds and guitar riff styles that are found on that record, as well as many callback lyrics and themes to the original ‘Creatures’ song.”

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To further celebrate the milestone, Motionless In White hosted a special deadstream event where they performed Creatures full for the first time ever. During the performance, they also debuted "Creatures X: To The Grave" live for the fans that tuned in.

Now, they are giving listeners that missed out the chance to finally experience the powerful performance. On Friday, they released a video of the performance that includes piano sounds and heavy riffs reminiscent of the Creatures era.

Along with honoring the Creatures anniversary, Motionless In White are hard at work on a new album. Back in May, Cerulli shared that some of the band’s new music will have a heavier sound, influenced by the uncertain times amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“I realized how internally angry I am at missing the shows," Chris said. "And the tours that we’re missing because everything I’m working on kind of has this really aggressive edge."

Then, in June, he further said that Motionless In White’s next release will have a good mix of songs as heard on their previous albums. Although the band are experimenting with different sounds, the next LP will feature songs that cater to all fans.

“There’s going to be a usual mix of things on the record like we normally do, from stuff like ‘Another Life‘ and ‘Voices‘ all the way to stuff like ‘Thoughts & Prayers‘ and ‘Undead Ahead 2‘ and stuff that we’ve done everywhere in between."

Along with "Creatures X: To The Grave," Motionless In White also treated fans to reimaginations of "Another Life" and "Eternally Yours" this summer. Both songs are featured on their new 4-track EP Motion Picture Collection.

What was your favorite part from Motionless In White's deadstream? Is their latest single one of your favorite MIW songs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.