The powerhouse indie studio A24 has a knack for discovering and amplifying rising talent. They're also known to put out a handful of innovative horror movies — so it all makes sense that, for their next release, they're getting behind YouTube horror-comedy filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou.

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The twin writer-directors helm Talk To Me, a teen scream about a group of friends who come across an embalmed hand and, after one too many party-trick-séances, unleash an evil force. The Australian horror movie stars Sophie Wilde, Miranda Otto, and others, and is set for release this summer on July 28.

The trailer for the supernatural film, which premiered earlier this year at Sundance, dropped today — and it seems downright terrifying. Basically, it looks like it takes "talk to the hand" to a whole new level to make for a frightening addiction allegory.

Watch the trailer below.