Travis Barker Metallica Cover
[Photos via Travis Barker/Jeremy Deputat, Metallica/Spotify]

See Travis Barker help transform this Metallica classic in a new cover

Travis Barker has treated us to some incredible new performances this week. Over the weekend, he hit the stage with Steve Aoki at the MTV Movie & TV Awards for an unforgettable award show performance.

Now, the blink-182 drummer has joined forces Elise Trouw, Carey Watkins and American Sign Language performer Paul Raci for an original cover of a Metallica classic.

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During Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, Aoki and Barker acted as the show’s official house band. While Barker banged away on the drums, Aoki remixed some movie classics including “You’re The Best” from 1984’s Karate Kid.

The duo reimagined the Joe Esposito hit in tribute to William Zabka‘s GOAT: Zero to Hero award. They performed the remix of the song while wearing spooky skeleton bodysuits and makeup.

During their performance, the award show’s other GOAT winners were projected above Aoki and Barker. Halloween‘s Jamie Lee Curtis won the GOAT: Scream Queen award while Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore with the GOAT: Duo award. As well, comedian Kevin Hart walked away with the GOAT: Comedy Giant award.

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Barker has also teamed up with Elise Trouw, Carey Watkins and American Sign Language performer Paul Raci for an original cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” The cover was done for the new Amazon Prime film Sound Of Metal.

The movie stars Riz Ahmed who plays a metal drummer in a band with his girlfriend (played by Olivia Cooke). Throughout the film, however, Ahmed’s character slowly loses his hearing and must find a way to cope with the loss.

For the cover, Barker, Truow, Watkins and Raci transform the metal track into a drum-heavy cover with an unexpected electronic vibe.

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The “Enter Sandman” cover has even earned a stamp of approval from Metallica themselves. On Dec. 4, the metal band shared the cover and gave its performers some praise.

“Experience the Sound of Metal with this unique take on ‘Enter Sandman’ as American Sign Language musician and actor from ‘Sound of Metal’ Paul Raci, artist Elise Trouw, drummer Carey Watkins, and special guest Travis Barker create a visual and auditory experience.”

This “Enter Sandman” cover isn’t the first collab we’ve seen from Barker this year. Last week, his new collab with Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUDacting like that” made its debut. The track appears on YUNGBLUD’s new sophomore album weird!. As well, the blink-182 drummer recently teamed up with KennyHoopla for the nostalgic new songESTELLA//.”

Along with all of this, blink-182 are currently working on their follow-up to NINE. Mark Hoppus recently confirmed that the new EP is slated to arrive later this year or in early 2021. As well, Matt Skiba teased that this new set of blink-182 songs reminds him of some of their most iconic albums.

The “Enter Sandman” cover and trailer for Sound Of Metal are available to stream below.

What are your reactions to the “Enter Sandman” cover? Do you like it more than the original? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.