Black Veil Brides fans are finally getting the first look at their upcoming concept album The Phantom Tomorrow.

On Friday, Black Veil Brides unleashed the cinematic new video for "Scarlet Cross" which introduces viewers to the antihero of their new album - The Blackbird.

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There's been a lot of anticipation building up to the release of "Scarlet Cross" on Friday, Nov. 13. Over the past few months, Black Veil Brides have been dropping some major details about their forthcoming album.

Earlier this year, Andy Biersack confirmed that BVB are making another concept album and that Jake Pitts is producing the whole release. As well, this upcoming LP will deal with more than just music. BVB are exploring other creative outlets to truly bring their new music to life.

“There’s art, drawings, comic book designs, we wanna do a movie and all this shit, it’s a big expansive thing and we’re really excited about it,” Biersack said.

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sent fans a few cryptic cluesThe Phantom TomorrowPhantom Of The OperaThe Crow

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Once Black Veil Brides announced that their new single is called "Scarlet Cross," however, fans quickly realized the red cross clue was about the new song.

Now, after a few weeks, the wait is finally over. Black Veil Brides have unveiled their cinematic new video for "Scarlet Cross" which introduces the world within their concept album to fans. The Phantom Tomorrow follows the antihero The Blackbird and a group of societal outcasts known as the "The Phantom Tomorrow."

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The "Scarlet Cross" video marks the first in a series of videos that will be released throughout the coming months. In the Patrick Fogarty-directed visual, viewers are introduced to the mysterious antihero The Blackbird.

The video opens as a female member of The Phantom Tomorrow takes to the streets and soon realizes she is being followed. As the street chase continues, The Blackbird appears from the shadows only to quickly disappear back into the night. Based on a concept written by Biersack, the "Scarlet Cross" video truly leaves viewers on the ultimate cliffhanger. But don't worry, there are plenty of more videos from BVB on the way.

The Phantom Tomorrow is scheduled to arrive via Sumerian Records in 2021.

The "Scarlet Cross" video is available to stream below.

What are your thoughts on Black Veil Brides' new video? What do you think will happen to the Phantom Tomorrow member in the next video? Let us know in the comments below.