See why fans think new music from twenty one pilots is arriving soon

Since the release of “Level Of Concern” earlier this year, twenty one pilots fans have been anxiously waiting for more new music.

Now, it looks like the wait may be almost over. twenty one pilots are dropping subtle hints that a big announcement is on the way and fans think it has to do with new music.

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Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have shared various updates regarding their follow-up to 2018’s Trench. During a May interview with Zane Lowe, Joseph revealed that he was writing for twenty one pilots’ next album.

Due to the sudden clear up of their schedules amid the coronavirus pandemic, Joseph anticipated that their next album will arrive sooner than expected. As well, at the time, he still didn’t know if this new LP will be a continuation of the Trench narrative.

“I’m writing a record right now,” he said. “I’m not sure when it’ll be released, but it’s definitely going to be sooner than we were planning on releasing a record. I don’t know if it’s this in-between record or if it’s a continuation of the narrative and where we left off.”

Then, in July, Joseph exclusively told Alternative Press that there were a lot of details about twenty one pilots’ new album he was still unsure about.

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“I’m not really sure which direction we’re gonna go yet,” Joseph said. There are two very different records, in my opinion, to be written. One being right now and the other one being after that. I don’t know which one I’m going to do first. I have an idea of what I think is next, sonically. It’s just whether or not it’s too big of a risk, I guess.”

More recently, last month, Joseph shared a brief video update confirming that he is still working on twenty one pilots’ new album.

Now, it looks like twenty one pilots are teasing a big announcement. This week, Joseph confirmed that they have a little surprise in store for fans who tune in for his upcoming Christmas Fortnite tournament on Twitch.

“And if you’ve been nice this year, I have a present for you at the end of the stream…it’s not a huge gift, more of a stocking stuffer.”

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Some fans are theorizing that the surprise in store may be a new song off of their forthcoming album.

Along with this, Joseph has also hid a subtle Trench Easter egg in his new Instagram profile photo you may have missed. If you zoom in closely, the name “Clancy” is in the background. This is obviously a reference to the Clancy letters that appeared throughout the Trench era.

Clancy’s name in Tyler’s new Instagram profile picture!!! from r/twentyonepilots

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Although Joseph previously said he’s unsure if the Trench narrative will continue on in twenty one pilots’ new music, this subtle Easter egg may have confirmed that it actually is. For now, we will have to wait and see what Joseph’s Twitch stream brings.

Chipotle‘s virtual Fortnite tournament Christmas party kicks off on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 5:30 P.M. ET. All of the donations from twenty one pilots’ Twitch stream will be given to Make-A-Wish. As well, the duo has launched some adorable Ned Twitch emotes for the special event.

What do you think twenty one pilots’ big surprise is? Are you hoping it’s a new song or details about their forthcoming album? Let us know in the comments below.