For those that don't know, before the 1975 became the 1975, they were called Drive Like I Do. Over the past few years, Matty Healy has teased the possibility of releasing new material under the project.

Now, it looks like the wait may be almost over. This week, Healy began sharing some cryptic clues that have a lot of fans convinced new Drive Like I Do material is on the way.

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Earlier this year, Matty Healy debunked the speculation that a Drive Like I Do reunion was in the works. However, later that month, The 1975's manager Jamie Oborne revealed that he and the 1975 frontman were thinking about dropping some Drive Like I Do rarities.

Then, in May, Healy told NME that he was actually working on getting old Drive Like I Do tracks remastered. As well, he shared some of his plans to drop multiple new records.

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“I’m getting the old stuff remastered and I’m basically going to put out the first album, the album that never was released,” Healy said. “And then we’ll follow that up with a new album. There’s so much Drive Like I Do stuff that was great that there’s not even demos of, so I’m going to record those songs and put them out with the two records that do kind of technically exist in the world.”

Over the next few months, Healy remained rather quiet about the Drive Like I Do project. However, in October, speculation emerged again when old demos from the band started appearing on streaming services.

The EP Scary Monsters which features the tracks "Wolves" and "Scary Monsters" were briefly available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. However, they have since been taken down.

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Now, it looks like Healy may be teasing that new Drive Like I Do music is finally on the way. On Dec. 15, Healy shared a throwback photo of the pre-The 1975 group on Instagram. In the comments section of the post, one fan said, “we want a new DLID record." Healy ended up replying to the comment with a simple "ok."

Drive Like I Do comments-min

[Photo via @Trumanblack on Instagram][/caption]Shortly after the post, Healy launched the @drivelikeido Instagram page. Since its launch, the page has already attracted over 13,000 followers. So far, Healy has shared two cryptic posts regarding the project. The first image is of what appears to be a football field.

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A post shared by @drivelikeido

Meanwhile, the second photo is of an unmarked building with a basketball hoop in the front. Healy captioned the post with "That Wasn’t Even The Craziest Thing That Went Down."


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A post shared by @drivelikeido

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Drive Like I Do's "Scary Monsters" and "Wolves" are available to stream below.

Do you think The 1975 are about to drop new Drive Like I Do music? What do you think Matty Healy's cryptic clues mean? Let us know in the comments below.