While DC fans are still processing the reports that Jared Leto is back as the Joker, Zack Snyder may have just confirmed that a fan theory surrounding Joker and Robin will play out in his cut of Justice League.

One fan recently shared their theory on the fate of Robin in the new Justice League. Now, it looks like the theory has earned a response from Snyder himself.

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For those that are still unaware, Snyder is releasing his own cut of Justice League on HBO Max in 2021. Back in 2016, he had nearly completed his work on the original film before stepping away due to a family tragedy.

Warner Bros. then brought in Joss Whedon to finish the project. Whedon took what Snyder had, did reshoots and editing and ended up releasing a film that many found underwhelming. Following the film's debut, fans began calling for the “Snyder Cut.” Then, the project was officially announced on May 20, 2020.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League is officially coming to HBO Max next year as a four part one-hour special. Just last month, rumors emerged that Leto is reprising his role as Joker for the series. Leto has reportedly signed on for various reshoots that are currently underway. As well, actors including Ben Affleck and Amber Heard are also involved in the project.

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Now, one fan's theory about the fate of Robin in Justice League has caught Snyder's attention. Twitter user @foreversquaddc recently shared their theory about Joker's involvement in Robin's death.

"If Zack and David stick with the story of having Joker brutally beat Robin to death then set his body on fire then there's no doubt in my mind that it happened in Wayne Manor and the fire is what left the house looking like that."

They also theorize that if this plot is true, Joker has actually known Batman's true identity all along.

"Another thing to think about with this, if true, is that Joker probably knows Batman's true identity but chooses to keep it a secret as he doesn't want his twisted back and forth relationship with Batsy to end."

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Justice League

As some of you may remember, Joker's involvement in Robin's death has been subtly hinted at in past movies. In Batman v. Superman, a scene in the Batcave shows Robin's costume in a glass case. The costume is heavily damaged and the words "HA HA HA joke's on you Batman" are spray-painted across it, hinting that Joker is responsible for his death.

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As well, according to Insider, in 2016's Suicide Squad, it's revealed that Harley Quinn helped Joker kill Robin. Director David Ayer previously stated that the death of Robin was the catalyst that led to Batman knocking Joker's teeth out. This is why Leto's Joker wears a metal grill in his mouth.

Snyder's Justice League features the same returning cast that appeared in the original film. However, newcomer Ray Porter is joining the project as the voice of Darkseid. Justice League is set to premiere exclusively on HBO Max sometime in 2021.

What are your thoughts on the Robin and Joker fan theory? Do you want to see the theory play out in Snyder's Justice League? Let us know in the comments below.