It looks like Machine Gun Kelly has sparked quite the debate about Warped Tour and "appropriate" punk rock stage attire.

This week, the Tickets To My Downfall performer opened up about why artists in the rock industry shouldn't wear "comfortable shoes" onstage. Of course, many musicians have now shared their thoughts on the rapper's opinions.

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Machine Gun Kelly was recently interviewed for Spotify's Rock This. During the interview, he detailed why "the state of rock and roll depends on rockstars." As well, he revealed why musicians need to stop wearing comfortable footwear onstage. In particular, he talks about the shoes he noticed during his time on Warped Tour.

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Naturally, a lot of artists in the scene have a few things to say about Machine Gun Kelly's comments. Candy Hearts' Mariel Loveland reshared the video clip on Twitter, stating why comfortable shoes are so popular on Warped Tour.

"Hey @machinegunkelly, when I was on Warped Tour I slept in a 100 degree van w/ 5 ppl for two months, walked a million miles in the sun & showered by someone standing on the trailer hitch dumping water over my head. F*** that if I wanted to wear comfy shoes."

Machine Gun Kelly, however, had only a brief response for Loveland.

Following his tweet, Loveland clarified that she wasn't trying to attack MGK's point of view. Instead, she wanted to further prove a point that the nature of Warped Tour has an impact on what artists wear.

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Other artists including Issues' Skyler Acord, Stray From The Path's Craig Reynolds and Cane Hill's Elijah Watt have also weighed in on the debate.

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In the end, Machine Gun Kelly had only one thing to say about the backlash he has received.

What are your reactions to Machine Gun Kelly's opinion on musician footwear? Let us know in the comments below.