If you've been on Twitter recently, you may have noticed one particular hashtag begin to trend on the social media platform. However, it looks like My Chemical Romance fans are the only ones not confused by the trending hashtag.

On Monday, MCR's Frank Iero practically broke the internet with his new hairstyle, but there's a reason why the internet is confused by the latest news.

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This week, Iero decided to take bleach to his dark hair and debut a platinum blonde new style. Although Iero has never gone fully blonde before, he did rock half bleached hair during My Chemical Romance's early days.

"any one else have homeschooled kids that only scream your name for desperate, immediate, blood curdling help as soon as you have a new melody in your head and pick up a guitar? The scream is like: “my leg and face are falling off!!” but the help required is always: “hey can you tell me when 15min is up?” anyone? just me? bueller?"


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While the internet tries to figure out the hashtag, Iero is preparing for the release of the Future Violents' new EP. Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place arrives on Jan. 15, 2021 and was recorded at the same time as their last release Barriers. Iero says the tracks included on the EP were more than just an after-thought. He wanted to release them when he felt the time was right.

“The Future Violents was the perfect band at the perfect time for me,” Iero says. “The creativity flowed through us like rapids and we didn’t stop writing because we ran out of inspiration…it was just time to go to the studio. In fact, I was still writing at the studio, but I allowed myself the luxury of 14 songs on the record leaving 3 to survive in the shadows. Lying in wait. I knew I wanted them to see the light, it was just a matter of how and when.”

Heaven is a Place, This is a Place drops Jan. 15 via UNFD and is available for preorder here.

What are your reactions to Frank Iero's new hair? Are you surprised to see #BLONDFRANK trending on Twitter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.