In celebration of her 32nd birthday, Hayley Williams decided to hit the refresh button and give herself a new hair color. However, it looks like the new style is sparking a lot more reactions than the Paramore frontwoman maybe have anticipated.

This week, fans have started speculating that Williams' latest hair change could be a subtle hint at a new Paramore era.

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Hayley Williams' hair has truly defined some of Paramore's most iconic eras. From her dark red "Decode" locks to her long white waves during the After Laughter cycle, Williams' hair has symbolized some key moments in Paramore's career. In fact, the singer recently revisited some of her iconic looks for Halloween.

Now, it looks like she is throwing it back to the early days of Paramore with her latest style. This past week, Williams celebrated her 32nd birthday by saying goodbye to her Petals For Armor hairstyle and reintroducing a hair color many fans are familiar with. The frontwoman debuted her new orange hair that is truly reminiscent of Paramore's Riot! era days.

"32 and back to my roots."

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Now, this isn't the first time Williams had brought back her red hair in recent years. Last year, she was seen temporarily rocking some bright red hair while promoting her hair brand Good Dye Young. Although the color didn't last long, Paramore fans shared very similar reactions to the iconic hair color.

However, this time around, Williams' latest hair change arrives at a rather interesting time. Speculation about Paramore working on new music has been swirling for months. Back in October, some slight changes to the band’s social media platforms led to fans theorizing new music could be on the way. Then, following a comment from Jimmy Fallon, Paramore shared a cryptic message seemingly confirming they are working on new music.

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For now, it looks like we will just have to wait and see what Paramore have in store for fans in 2021.

What are your reactions to Hayley Williams' new hair color? Do you think it symbolizes Paramore's new era? Let us know in the comments below.