Everyone goes through bouts where they feel unsure of themselves. It could be from starting a new journey in life or questioning something someone said in passing. 

Luckily, one of the greatest things about music is that there’s a song for every emotion. Whether it’s happiness, sadness, love and everything in between, there’s probably a musician who’s written about it.

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For whenever you’re feeling down, lost or you don’t know what to do, here’s 10 lyrics that can act as therapy and help keep you grounded.

1. The Word Alive – “Human” (feat. Sincerely Collins)

“At the end of the day, I’m always gonna find a way/No matter what people say/I am human”
Everyone makes mistakes, but those wrong choices shouldn’t define them. The Word Alive’s “Human” is a pleasant reminder that you are stronger than you think, and it’s possible to get through difficult times. “I am human” also makes it sound like you’re proclaiming the statement yourself, making it all the more powerful.

2. Weathers – “I’m Not OK”

“So what if I’m na-na-na not OK?/I’m na-na-na not OK”
Sometimes the best thing to do when you feel off is say that you’re not OK, but also accept that what you’re feeling is all right too. Weathers “I’m Not OK” is an admittance that it really is OK not to be OK, but it’s still a danceable track that can help anyone get up and move. 

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3. All Time Low – “Life Of The Party”

“In a sea of strangers, I can’t find me anymore”
Ever look back on some of your actions and wonder what the hell you’ve been doing? It’s easy to get caught up in everything the world is hitting you with and forget to stay true to yourself. “Life Of The Party” is set in a party setting, but can really fit into any reality. All Time Low present the feeling of self-questioning with a laid-back tune that can be soaked in when it all gets overwhelming.

4. Emarosa – “Young Lonely”

“Hey, young lonely, hey, young lonely/Is it all OK? You’ll find out you are strong”
Depression is a battle that can leave its contender feeling broken and alone. Emarosa’s “Young Lonely” is unique because it can be heard as a conversation between two people. The verses are one individual explaining their emotions, and the chorus is someone else telling them, “You can do it. You’ll be all right.” 

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5. Memphis May Fire – “That’s Just Life”

“So do I raise my fist and curse up at the sky?/Or do I close my eyes and realize that’s just life?”
It’s a cruel world. Things don’t go as planned, people are bullies and there’s times when things won’t work out in our favor. Memphis May Fire’s “That’s Just Life” is a soft statement saying there are things out of our control, but it’ll be all right in the end.

6. RIVALS – “Wild Things”

“Imagine this, being 21/And giving up on everything that you’ve never done/Now picture this, you’re 32/You took the time and you followed your dreams through”
Growing up is scary. New dreams are constantly realized, and it seems, as you get older, that they’re harder to obtain. Giving up would be the simple thing to do, but RIVALS are here to tell you that you have to keep striving for what you want. Like the track states, being a “Wild Thing” is a positive trait. The world is full of possibilities, and there’s nothing you can’t do.

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7. Sleeping With Sirens – “In Case Of Emergency, Dial 411”

“Don't give up just believe I'll be right by your side/When your hopes and your dreams are on the line”
When a situation seems gloomy, it’s easy to forget that someone always has your back. Though only about two-and-a-half minutes long, Sleeping With Sirens make a plea for life in “In Case Of Emergency, Dial 411.” If you’re in a particularly low place, the track’s desperate lyrics and rough drums and guitar riffs have the power to make you cry, something that could be a much needed relief.

8. LANY – “Thru These Tears”

“In the end I’m gonna be all right/But it might take a hundred sleepless nights”
Let’s face it: Breakups are rough, but when a relationship ends, it doesn’t mean the universe is going to come crashing down on you. Just as LANY puts it in “Thru These Tears,” the hurt may stay with you for a while, but with time it will pass.

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9. blessthefall – “Find Yourself”

“I know you’ll never understand/That all my scars and stories are who I am”
People like to have a certain image of one another. When that idea turns out to be wrong, they lash out with insults and negative reactions. It’s important to focus on yourself and not worry about what others think, which blessthefall put perfectly in “Find Yourself.” Not everyone will understand your choices and how you came to be the person you are, and that’s OK as long as you don’t try to meet their expectations.

10. I The Mighty – “Degenerates”

“I think I found my place to fill that empty space/That feeling we all chase”
There will come a time in life where you need to take a leap of faith: starting a new job, applying to college or moving to a new state. I The Mighty’s “Degenerates” doesn’t talk about those situations specifically, but it’s the perfect song for starting a new chapter. No matter what, there’s somewhere you belong. It may just take a while to get there. 

What’s your favorite song to listen to when you’re feeling unsure? Let us know in the comments below!