[Photo by: Moments/Twitter]

"Selfie Kid" made headlines (and an amazing meme) of his selfie with JT, and he tells Ellen exactly what he was looking up in his now internet-famous photo—and it wasn't asking who Justin Timberlake is.

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The 13-year-old caught up with Ellen to talk more about those phone struggles.

"Yes, I've seen those [memes]," he says. "I have the iPhone 6, and those things are slow, so it just shut off. That's why all the memes formed... But I had to get the camera back up to get the photo with Justin."

So he does know Timberlake and "Can't Stop The Feeling!" It was just his dang iPhone 6.

Incredible. (That meme is still too good though.)

Not to mention, JT gave "Selfie Kid" tickets to his show on his upcoming tour, so we're likely to get epic selfie part two sometime soon.

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